** A Customized Package Will be Prepared Based on Your Individual Needs.
• Prices are for 1 Bartender. Additional Bartenders are required for attendance numbers exceeding 75 – 95 guests, depending on package and other variables.
• Consumable products and beverage stock (if requested) not included in price.
• Beverage service requires a properly sized service station to accommodate our needs. Please ask us for more information.

 All Packages Now Include:
• Initial Proposal, Consultation, and Unlimited Pre-Event Correspondence
• Full Liquor Liability Insurance Coverage + WI Servers License(s)
• Purchase Guidance, Drink Ideas, and All Expert Planning Services
• Contract Preparation + One Amendment
• All Professional Serving Tools as Indicated

{For a customized quote, please use the Form on the Contact page}

Each package includes the appropriate setup & breakdown times
{ BASIC POUR SERVICE } (8 hours): starting at $299*
If all you need is a server to pour beer, wine, soft drinks, and/or dispense pre-made drinks. Standard tools include a wine opener, ice scoop, 1-2 chill tubs, wine tote, bar towels, and either a bottle opener or plastic pitchers (for expediting draft beer). A 1.5 gallon beverage dispenser and small picnic cooler(s) also available upon request.

{ MIXOLOGIST } (8 hours): starting at $365*
Our standard package provides both basic and layered drink-mixing service, for cocktails like the Margarita (non-blended), Amaretto Stone Sour, White/Black Russians, plus Martinis & Manhattans served on the rocks. In addition to the items from the Pour Service package, we supply supplemental tools like pour spouts, bar mat runner, garnish trays, jigger, and a cutting board/knife.

{ PREMIUM MIXOLOGIST } (8 hours): starting at $429*
Our highest level package is perfect for the party that has it all! Our mixologist will shake custom martinis, blend tropical drinks, and/or mix more specialty, labor-intensive cocktails like Long Islands, muddled Old Fashioneds, and Mojitos for the ultimate party experience! We will furnish everything from the previous packages, PLUS martini shakers, a muddling tool, blender, manual juicer, and lemon zester (if applicable).


* Prices listed are for events taking place in Madison, with a tip jar to allow for guest gratuity. A host gratuity will be added for hosts who prefer that a tip jar not be present and for events in which a tip jar is not appropriate. Any additional beverage products are an extra charge (if requested). Additional charges apply for events outside of Madison, short-notice bookings, holidays, and for additional services, supplies, bartenders, and times (including setup and breakdown).